First Protestant Reformed Church of Edgerton, MN
First Protestant Reformed Church of Edgerton, MN
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Knowing The Church's History Spring 2017

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Tulip The Reformed Flower Fall 2016

Tulip The Reformed Flower
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Managerial Martha and Meditative Mary​

Managerial Martha and Meditative Mary
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"Signs, Wonders, and Mighty Deeds": Miracles in the Bible


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Reformation Day Lecture 2015: The Reformation's Recovery of Marriage and Family

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  • What was the condition of the Christian family at the time of the Reformation?
  • How did the Reformation impact the Christian marriage and the family?
  • How has the contemporary church once again departed from the Bible's teaching on marriage and family?
  • How ought Christians to respond to the widespread rejection of God's revealed will for marriage and the family?
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