We welcome you to the website of Edgerton Protestant Reformed Church. This site is produced and maintained by its evangelism committee under the supervision of the church’s council. Edgerton  has been an established member of the denomination of the Protestant Reformed Churches of America (PRCA) since 1938. Together with all the churches in the denomination and with its sister churches abroad, Edgerton stands upon the infallible truth of God’s word as confessed in the Reformed three forms of unity—the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dordrecht. 

In this website you can peruse several introductory articles regarding Edgerton’s history, the PRCA, and our faith and worship. Also available are many recordings of sermons, which you can order and listen to online. Many pamphlets and articles are available for free download, and distinctively Reformed books can be ordered at the site. 

Follow the links to the website of the PRCA to find additional Reformed material for your use and benefit. 

Our prayer is that you will be profited by these materials and that the Lord, the king of his church, will use these means for the furtherance of his gospel and kingdom.

Church Leadership

The Protestant Reformed Churches, while honoring the authority of its major assemblies, emphasize that each congregation is a self-governing body of elders, chosen from the members of the congregation. The designation of churches reflects this strong belief in the autonomy of the local church.

Our Church Council is made up of both elders and deacons. There are currently 3 elders and 2 deacons - men who are nominated by the Council and elected at the congregational meeting. Elders serve a three-year term, with one elder rotating in each year. 

Our various committees provide additional opportunities for members to exercise and develop their gifts of leadership.


THE LORD’S DAY – November 15, 2020


MORNING WORSHIP – 9:30 A.M.                    

Scripture: Acts 3-4:12 LD 11 

Receiving Jesus

  1. Who Jesus Is.

     II.   His Complete Work.

    III.  Our Calling.                                                                    

Psalters: 134, 112, 234, 187


Offerings: General Fund, Benevolence                     

Next Week: General Fund, Benevolence



Scripture: Mark 5 Text: Mark 5:22-24, 35-43

Jesus Raising of Jairus’ Daughter

     I.The Setting.

    II.The Miracle.

   III.The Care.

    Psalters: 374, 391, 292, 29


Offerings: Building Fund, FMC

Next week: Building Fund, Trinity PR High School


      We extend a welcome to visitors!  May the Lord bless us as we worship Him today.  Recordings of the sermons are available on request.  See Shela Gunnink.


Announcements:   All, the Lord Willing:


Reformed Witness Committee meets Monday, November 16, 7PM, at Edgerton PRC.

Free Christian School will hold its regular monthly board meeting this Wednesday, November 18, at 7 PM.

               Dale and Delma Post invite the congregation to join them in celebrating their 50th anniversary on Sunday, November 15 after the evening services. Please join us in the basement for a light meal and fellowship.

Ladies Circle of Free Christian School will meet November 19 at 7:30 PM at the school.

The Free Christian School Ladies Circle will be making Pig-in-the-Blankets this Saturday at Gary & Marsha’s house.  We will begin at 8:00AM. Please come when you are able. We are selling the pigs for $10/dozen. Bring your list of sales along on Saturday. We have had a lot of requests for pigs, so we are planning to make them again in December.

The annual congregational meeting will be Tuesday, December 1 at 7 PM.

The consistory presents the following nominations to replace Elder Bleyenburg and Deacon Gunnink: for elder-Skip Hunter and Jim Ver Hey, for deacon-Jason Brands and Dan Gunnink. Any lawful objections to these nominations, which would be an objection based on the qualifications for elder and deacon found in I Timothy 3 or Titus 1, must be brought to the attention of the consistory by notifying the clerk within the next week.



      All history classes must study Lesson 10 and do the written work.

The Heidelberg Catechism Class must learn all of Lord's Day 7 and do the written work. 

Essentials must memorize Lesson 7.


Bible Study:


Young People's Society will meet next Sunday after the worship service. We will consider more passages in the book of Proverbs that speak of self-control. Young People's Dues: Dues this year are $20, as was decided at the 2014 Convention Delegate meeting. At that meeting, it was determined that $14 would go into the convention travel subsidy fund, $5 will go toward the scholarship fund, and the remaining $1 would benefit the Beacon Lights. If you use a check, please make that check out to the Federation Board. Please get your dues to Rev. De Boer as soon as possible. 

Reformed Fellowship will meet next Sunday evening at Dan & Dana’s. We will discuss Revelation 14. 

Adult Bible Study will meet next on November 30 at 7 PM. We will begin at James 3:13. Lissa serves.


Reformed Witness Hour:


     Sundays at 8:00 A.M. (KLOH 1050 AM) and 5:00 P.M. (KDCR 88.5 FM) Today Rev. W. Bruinsma speaks on the theme “The Church: God’s Husbandry” based on I Corinthians 3:7-9. Next week: Rev. W. Bruinsma speaks on the theme “Thanksgiving unto God’s Glory” based on II Corinthians 4:15.


Denominational News: 


       Cornerstone PRC (Dyer, IN) called Rev. A. Spriensma (PRC home missionary) to be their next pastor. 

Hudsonville PRC called Rev. C. Spronk to be their next pastor.

The Consistory of Wingham PRC has formed a new trio from which to call her next pastor: Revs. J.Engelsma, J.Laning, and N.Langerak. The special congregational meeting is planned for Wednesday Nov.25.   


Requested Announcements:


The Reformed Witness Hour Committee thanks you, PRC members, friends and donors, for your prayers and financial support during 2020.  As you plan for your year-end giving, we ask that you prayerfully consider helping with one of these current costs:continued broadcasts on WYLL in the Chicago area, expanded witness in Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo areas, and extendedInternet outreach through our website (reformedwitnesshour.org), social media, and SermonAudio.  Thank you for your continued support of this important PRC ministry.

                2021 Calendar Sale: This is the last week to place your order for a 2021 “Golden State Grandeur” Calendar showcasing beautiful photographs of California, each inscribed with an inspirational Bible verse.  The calendars are $15 each, benefitting Hope Christian School of Redlands, CA.  Order online at https://hcsredlands.org/fundraisers/calendar by this Saturday, November 14.  Thank you for your support!


Church Membership

We will receive as members all those who know Jesus Christ as their Savior and confess the truth of Scripture as explained in our Reformed creeds – the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession and the Canons of Dordt. In keeping with the fact that God’s covenant is in the generation of believers, we also receive as members the children of believing members. These children are received as minor members of the church through baptism. Their membership becomes full when they come to a mature faith in Jesus Christ and can make a credible confession of their faith before the church.

Membership classes are provided for those interested in joining our church.

Our  Pastor

                Rev. Matt DeBoer                 Our minister is Rev. Matthew De Boer. He was trained in the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches and graduated in 2017. He was ordained in 2017 after he accepted the call to be Edgerton’s minister.


He is married to Kelsey, and they have three boys, Lucas, Zachary, and Trevor. 


Christian Education

We believe that Christian education is an important tool for training a child of God. We support the cause of Christian education with our gifts of time, finances, and prayers.

The Christian schools that we support are parental-run schools; they are not parochial (church-run) schools. These schools, however, do instruct their students in distinctively reformed doctrines, particularly as they are understood by the Protestant Reformed Churches.

Our children and young people primarily attend these schools:

Free Christian School


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