Our History

In 1936 the Mission Committee of the Protestant Reformed Churches sent out the first Home Missionary, Rev. B. Kok. As a result, the congregation here in Edgerton, Minnesota was organized in 1938 with 13 families. After meeting for a short while in a community building, we built a church and parsonage which are still in use today. 

The parsonage was a mail order house sold by Sears at the time. It came with plans and all the materials for the construction. The church and parsonage were built by members of the congregation.

            The split of 1953 decimated the congregation and we lost the church. We met for a time in our school, which our group had retained, but then went back to the community building for about ten years before having our church and parsonage returned to us through a court ruling in 1962.

            We are probably the smallest church in the denomination which has a pipe organ. It was a used one from a theater and was installed when the church was built. One consistory member remembers reading in the Concordia that the price paid for the organ was $2,220.00 and at a congregational meeting they raised all the funds for the organ plus some extra money in one meeting. The excess money was then used to buy pulpit furniture. The organ has served the congregation well for all the years of our existence. Visitors enjoy the sound and it has especially been appreciated during singspirations when the church was filled.

            Our worship services are at 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

We have 24 families, 53 communicant members and a total membership of 85. 

The Adult Bible Study and Reformed Fellowship are our two active Bible studies.

            We have a local Evangelism Committee and are also members of the Reformed Witness Committee consisting of the five area churches, Hull PRC and Calvary PRC, from Hull, IA, Doon PRC, Doon, IA, Heritage PRC, Sioux Falls, SD and Edgerton PRC.

            Many years ago, we received and installed theater seats from First PRC Grand Rapids. They have since been replaced with more modern pews, but we still have several of them in our church basement, which are usually of interest to visitors, especially to older members of the denomination. 

            Our ministers over the years have been Revs. W. Verhil, G. Vos, P. De Boer, H. Veldman, B. Woudenberg, G. Lanting, J. Slopsema, J. Smith, M. De Vries, A. Brummel, D. Kleyn, D. Lee, D. Kuiper, and currently M. De Boer.

            We acknowledge that our church exists today only because of God’s covenant faithfulness. Our prayer is that our church may continue to be a light in Edgerton for generations to come.

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